Yeezy to Say

a Crescent Valley Voice

As I am writing this, it has been 5,910 days since I was born. That is quite a few days. Enough days that even through the monotony of normal life, many larger events and lessons have made themselves present. Some of these events have influenced me greatly but events are boring. Events are what you learn as facts and memorize for the next history test with the knowledge only to be forgotten. Stories are what we remember. A story is events that that are given a purpose. A story is meaningful. A story is what I will try to tell here, but remember. I am not the best at storytelling. I am only 5,910 days into my life.

Friends are the best.

They make you feel happy, safe, and loved.

Unfortunately, for a brief period in my life, I did not have any.

I moved school between fifth and sixth grade. It may have only been twenty minutes away but to a non-driving anxious little girl, twenty minutes or twenty hours, it didn’t matter. It didn’t change the fact that I was going to a new middle school. I lost my friends and I had to start anew. Keyword there? I. That one little letter can make a whole lot of difference. See here’s the problem when you’re going to a new school. Not everyone else is. Everybody else already has their friend groups and their roles. If this sounds like some angsty young females perspective, that’s because that is where this story is coming from. The great thing about humans is where are always changing, and maybe if I moved now it wouldn’t be as big of a deal. But like I said. It was a big deal. Going from elementary school to middle school is already scary, but to not have anyone by your side can make it even worse.

As I waited for the bus on that first day I had about a trillion mental breakdowns. I think that’s an actual count from the day. Now for any-drama lovers, I’m sorry to disappoint but when I got to school, people were actually pretty nice. Yet it didn’t stop me from feeling out of place. I don’t know if you remember what your first day of middle school was like, but I bet that you and your friends stuck together as much as possible. The more and more I tell this story the more it turns into a tale of simply “wow, middle school sucks”. Whether that’s true or not I won’t say but trust me, I’m getting to my point.

By lunch I was pretty fed up with the whole “no friends” thing. I sat down at the end of a lunch table and held back tears. Dramatic, right? Super dramatic! But it didn’t feel dramatic. It just felt like my life. Then, I remember, even though this happened almost 7 years ago (7!) that a girl sat down next to me and she said to me… “I like your shoes”. I like your shoes! Was there any better a compliment? More glorious a thing to say to someone than, “I like your shoes”? It was such a small thing to say but it meant such a great deal to me. And there, there is the point to my story. This girl who complimented me? It probably took her about fifteen seconds at most to decide she wanted to say something, how to say it, and then say it (so yeezy!). But I still remember it 7 years later.

Unfortunately I don’t know who this person was. That’s the problem with these little acts of kindness. A lot of times they go un-thanked. However, that does not mean they go unnoticed.

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