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Soup Kitchen Love, inspired by stone soup kitchen 

the Soup Kitchen Mama was larger than life

she was larger than the triple door freezers and
walls of corn cans

the Soup Kitchen Mama had blue eyes rimmed in black
sultry and s h o c k i n g
and the visitors couldn’t help but love her

we met just off the yellow bus
after the woman with butterfly hair…
I watched her stretch the air around her,
speaking of big things like deviled eggs and


my ears still echo the floorboards
groaning under her care-filled shoes.



The Idea of You

I love the idea of you
A metal tome of rusty bullet words
Romantic past the hurt itself
But to need you as a whole seems
Like overdosing on flintstones
Pouring red glitter on ski slopes of glue

A toast
To how good you are for this space

For a moment ~ f o r a m o m e n t
The ticking rests lightly on the honeycombed hydrangeas
And I like how you know what that means
So now I will be with you in the places we are not
Like a mother of midnight
Waltzing betwixt your brows
And smearing cherries child-like across your lips

I know you are not the Sysco truck driver
Who stopped traffic to observe the seasonless river
But I find it fascinating how easily you exist
Inhabiting this world as one would a waiting room
And patiently
And hilariously bored

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