Short Rivers of Consciousness (Rants)

Is “sand” called sand because it’s between the sea and the land? Like who came up with that word. It can’t be a coincidence. I want to know.


Written rant on limits and perseverance. See it


Today I calculated that it would take approximately 7.3 million blue whales to fill our oceans in place of water (this is a very rough estimate) but that’s a lot of whales. 🐳


I was just watching a piece by National Geographic—something about the widening global gap between races—and it got me thinking: is there truly more of a division than there has been in the past? And if so, why is that? Personally, I don’t think the racial issue is heated because there is more hate than there was previously—I think that the idea has just become more exposed. There have been immense steps in bridging the gaps between races, from Martin Luther King Jr.’s work in social justice to the study of the human genome and the realization that race is really only skin deep. There is so much love that exists now that didn’t exist before. Mankind is aware of the triviality of the racial divide, and those who are afraid are more aggressive in lashing out. The acts of violence that we see in the news—as real as our own flesh—are the result of a select group of individuals (with prehistoric brains) deciding that they cannot handle change. We are all awake; now we will discover who can survive in the new world.


 I am blessed to be living in the best time to live. Literally, I can stream any kind of music I want at any time and artist can do the same. Back in the day, people could only listen to music if they had a spare piano or went out to a concert. Now we can appreciate each others music throughout the world. Wow isn’t that neat. What a world. Sometimes I feel sad but then I realize I can listen to music and feel sad.


People should journal. its easy and very rewarding. its a gift that gives but doesn’t take. you will write edgy angsty things but those are the best to look back on in 5-10 years. See, when you’re old and dying and don’t remember who you used to be, you can look back on your journal and never forget. Your thoughts are valuable. You are loved.


Why you should thrift 101:
It’s about the journey not the destination. See, when your at a mall all the clothes are there organized for you, in multiple sizes, but when you thrift its more about finding yourself through clothes. You work your brain more because you have to think about the clothes; what you really really want. You aren’t restricted by a certain look that someone is trying to sell you. You are giving clothes a whole new life and discover their previous lives. Maybe you bought clothes from a dead sociopath, that is pretty neat. Thrifting is fun, and cheap. It’s also good for the environment. We already have enough clothes in the world why do we need to produce new ones when we can find old ones. Thrifting sometimes gets a bad rep, people think it’s weird and grody, but you know what I say, “if you haven’t walked a mile in my thrifting shoes then don’t even.”


I think generation Z is the best one yet.


More coming soon…

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