If you could say something to the entire world right now, what would you say?

-preserve our environment!

-I wish this world can be more friendly

-I will say: “Go you! Opportunities are always there for the prepared.”

-always keep the future in mind; every moment is short lived, everything will pass; the past will just become fond memories; don’t let your dreams become periods, let them live on

-no matter if you’re grieving or happy, as long as you’re willing to face reality, then you’re a winner

-respect your own thoughts, but don’t make fun of others’ actions or opinions. Of course, do this while always maintaining true to your own beliefs

-can we be more fair to each and every person? don’t let good people be culprits, let’s be more fair.

-Don’t live with any regrets while we are young. Create the brightest sparkles for future selves.

-Thank you for giving me the best parents.

-One decision can affect a whole life

-This world is beautiful, and I will discover more of its beauty.

-This world will also give us trials and difficulties, but I will go with a strong and optimistic mindset.

-thank you nature for giving us the best resources

-for a while, I felt very depressed, there wasn’t color to my face for many days. I felt that the world didn’t have anything for me, and that I don’t have anything to offer either. But that was before, now I feel that the world is wonderful and I am very happy.

-it would be so great if everyone could have a full stomach and no bad people exist.

-preserve our world, the earth is our only planet

-the youths are like a flame, may the future look at us

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