What person or event has had the most significant influence on your life so far?

-my friends and teachers 

-Lang Lang the pianist

-my mom and my dad, my dad is never home, and when I was little they would always fight and argue, I cried everyday. Now in middle school [boarding school], it’s a little better because I am far away from home. I despise being around them, it’s okay now, but I just don’t like it whenever I go back home.

-my teachers, they taught me how to be a virtuosic person

-one of my childhood friends and one of my role models

-my mom giving birth to me

-My classmates for bringing me hope and regards. My teachers for giving me more knowledge and for fulfilling my days.

-My upbringing from my parents

-mom and dad

-my parents, teachers, and volunteers at our school

-the people I interact with each day and their happenings 

-my grandmother

-I was once at the public market and someone stole ¥100. However, everyone started pointing their fingers at me even though I was not the thief.

-when I entered the “shaoxiandui” (Young Pioneers of China Flag Raisers)


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