What’s your biggest goal in life?

-test into a college. my mom only graduated from elementary school, she’s always told me to study hard. She says I’m her little knowledge. I will definitely study hard.

-to be a musician

-my life’s biggest goal is to be a teacher

-I hope I can create something unthought of and change the world

-go to college

-To get my family out of poverty

-to be a CEO

-provide a good life for my mother

-Study, go to a good college, have a bright and successful future. To live and learn until old age.

-I want to participate in CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) league

-keep doing and pursuing my love for basketball, and hopefully become a professional one day 

-do what my mom has always imagined: go to college, give back to my parents

-to be a singer and study hard

-be an actor, let my parents live a happy life

-be a fashion designer

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